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When you’re traveling for business, there’s nothing more practical than a rolling briefcase. Designed to keep your laptop and travel essentials organized and protected in style, our selection of wheeled briefcases at Alpine Swiss will keep you on track when you’re on the road — or in the air. Lightweight and easy to move around, our sleek and functional travel briefcases will comfortably hold everything you need for a short business trip, and they’re compact enough to conform to approved carry on guidelines too. Home or abroad, wherever you’re going, make overnight travel easier with a rolling briefcase on wheels.

What To Look For In a Rolling Briefcase?

What should you look for in a rolling briefcase for travel? At Alpine Swiss, we’ve thought long and hard about how to make business trips easier, and here’s what you need to know. Our biggest ask of a rolling briefcase is that it should be a breeze to navigate and comfortable to carry. So we’ve made sure that the inline skate wheels roll smoothly and are easy to maneuver; and look out too for curb protectors to keep the wheels from being damaged. A retractable telescopic handle is important, as it means that you can choose whether to wheel the case along or carry it with the top handle. Finally, we’ve made sure that our wheeled briefcases are lightweight, making them easy to stow in the overhead locker. The inside of your rolling briefcase matters too, so look for padded laptop sleeves and plenty of pockets to keep your essentials organized.

Find the Best Rolling & Wheeled Briefcases

wheeled-briefcase-1.05.03.jpgBusiness trips call for the best rolling business bags, and at Alpine Swiss we’re here to help you find them. What to demand from your wheeled business bag? Great quality is a must, and we’ve chosen sturdy, durable materials such as puncture resistant nylon to create rolling briefcases that don’t let you down when you’re away for work. With metal rivets to attach components including wheels and handles, you can feel confident that our leather business bags are built to last. We’ve also put a lot of thought into the details that make our rolling business bags so sought after. We’ve made sure to create wheeled business bags that are lightweight enough to carry easily, with padded top handles for added comfort. You’ll also appreciate clever touches like removable laptop sleeves to help you get through airport security smoothly, and organizer pockets to make packing easier than ever.


Benefits of Wheeled Briefcases

Double up with another Bag

The design of wheeled briefcases is such that you can place another bag on top and still manage to move around easily. If you are traveling for a week or so on business, you will need to pack a change of clothes, personal utilities and other travel items. For efficient movement, you can place all these items in the spinner briefcase and carry your laptop and documents in a laptop backpack at the same time without wearing yourself out.

Carry a Heavier Load

wheeled-briefcase-2.05.03.jpgMoving around the airport with a heavy suitcase containing all your work documents isn’t an easy feat. However, with a rolling business bag, navigating the airport is not only easy, but you get to look stylish while at it. A roller briefcase is also a great investment for a busy but stylish lawyer who needs to move heavy case files from one courtroom to the next.


A wheeled briefcase is not limited for business traveling alone. It can be used to move heavy files by a lawyer, salesperson and even by marketers as they move around making presentations. The roller bags have compartments that can hold clothes, your laptop and travel essentials instead of dragging a large suitcase around the airport. Its multi-functional design is a great plus for these work bags, and it’s part of the reason why every business traveler wants to own one.

What Material is Best for your Wheeled Briefcase

As you shop around for the best wheeled briefcase to meet your needs, one key thing that you will need to consider is the material used to make it. The most common materials used to make work bags are vinyl, nylon, polyester and genuine leather. Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of each of these materials.


Vinyl is loved for its high tensile strength, making it ideal for making wheeled briefcases that's designed for carrying heavy loads. It also has a beautiful exterior that doesn’t stain or scratch easily. Maintaining a rolling briefcase made of vinyl is also easy since all you need is to wipe it with a dry cloth. Vinyl is also known to be flame resistant and is available in a wide variety of textures to suit every style. Compared to leather and other materials, vinyl is quite affordable yet highly durable, easily matched with any style. Wearing an elegant pair of dress shoes or casual ones, you'll still be stylish.

However, once damaged, vinyl is hard to repair, and you may need to buy another rolling bag once this happens. Secondly, wheeled briefcases made of vinyl are easy to imitate, and you may end buying a cheap-looking knock off.




Polyester as a fabric is loved for its thickness and insulation properties, ensuring that the contents of your rolling briefcase are safe from any damage. When treated right, polyester doesn’t shrink or lose shape. It’s also quick drying which makes cleaning your rolling briefcase on wheels easy and hustle free.
On the downside, polyester is not biodegradable making it a huge pollutant to the environment. The materials are also easily damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it’s not ideal for making briefcases that will be used in hot areas.


Nylon’s lightweight nature and exceptional strength have made it a great choice for wheeled briefcases. Pluses for nylon are its elasticity which means that your roller bag can easily stretch to accommodate more items. It’s also resistant to flames when treated well, and it doesn’t stain or get dirty easily. Nylon is loved for its high resistance to corrosion which makes it highly durable and will provide you with a lengthy service.
However, when it comes to dyeing, the material is not the best. For this reason, products made of nylon are limited in terms of color and designs.

Genuine Leather

One key benefit of picking a wheeled briefcase made of genuine leather is that it looks good and stamps your authority as a style icon. Leather is also highly durable and doesn’t puncture easily, even under heavy use. You can own a leather rolling tote for years without the item losing its luster. A wheeled briefcase made of genuine leather screams elegance and timeless style. Leather allows for rich craftsmanship, especially on the stitching.
Whether the leather is natural or dyed, you will always ooze timeless class as you travel around in a leather wheeled briefcase. At Alpine Swiss, our leather has been sourced using eco-friendly and sustainable methods meant to protect the environment.
One of the main disadvantages of leather is that if not well cared for, it may develop cracks due to dryness. Secondly, wheeled briefcases made of genuine leather may cost a bit more, but the service they give you is worth every cent.

How to Take Care of your Wheeled Briefcase

wheeled-briefcase-4.05.03.jpgGood care and maintenance of your stuff including rolling briefcase will ensure that it remains in top-notch condition. For wheeled briefcases made of hard material, you can gently clean them using soap and warm water. For soft-sided materials such as polyester and genuine leather, always use the right products such as a conditioner. Store your briefcase away from extreme temperatures or any excess humidity.
When traveling, avoid pulling your wheeled briefcase on tough terrain since this may wear out the castor wheels. Better yet, don’t overload your briefcase since it may make maneuvering the airport hectic.

Useful Tips from Us

At Alpine Swiss, we believe that convenience and elegance are crucial to any modern businessman. Here are some tips to get the best out of your wheeled briefcase;

  • Consider the amount of load you will be carrying around and choose the bag with enough capacity to accommodate that.
  • Ensure that the rolling briefcase has quality zippers or locks well to keep your items secure.
  • Don’t go for glued towing handles since they break easily

We have a wide selection of stylish and functional wheeled briefcases to meet your traveling needs. You won’t go wrong with one of our masterpieces and your mind will be focused on nailing that business deal. For lawyers who are always moving around with heavy files, we have our genuine leather attache’ wheeled briefcase just for you. For business people, we have the rolling briefcase catalog case that will be your perfect travel companion as you move around.