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From credit cards to travel passes and your office ID card, day-to-day life leaves you with a lot to carry — which is where our men’s trifold wallet come in. Designed to open out into three separate compartments with plenty of card slots, these spacious folding wallets will comfortably accommodate all the payment cards and passes you need, as well as fitting your bills into the long pocket at the back. Choose from a selection of trifold men’s wallets at Alpine Swiss, and find the perfect wallet for you to complete your wardrobe, or a great gift for the man in your life.

Stylish Men’s Trifold Leather Wallets Online in Alpine Swiss

Sure, you want a wallet big enough to hold everything you need — but it’s got to look good, too. With a leather wallet from Alpine Swiss, you get the best of both worlds. Our leather trifold wallets for men have plenty of room for your essentials, with multiple compartments and card slots. But these luxury wallets also make a dapper addition to your wardrobe in their own right. The three compartments fold up into an elegant, minimalist wallet with the Alpine Swiss emblem on the outside. You’d never guess how much they can accommodate inside. When it comes to stylish accessories, only real leather will do. We’ve crafted our wallets from genuine leather that will get even better with age. Choose from classic black grained leather, contemporary gray, or antique brown to find the one for you.

trifold-wallets-1.10.03.jpgBest Trifold Wallets for Men in Our Inventory

Looking for the best trifold wallets for men? At Alpine Swiss, we’ve thought long and hard about how to make an everyday essential even better, and we’ve picked out a few of our favorites. Of course, capacity is what's important here - and you’ll find that wallets bearing the Alpine Swiss logo manage to pack a surprising amount into a neat space. If you have a lot of cards to carry, take a look at our extra capacity wallets, with a total of 10 card slots inside. We’ve also discovered that additional ID windows can make your daily commute easier, too. As for clever extras, we’re big fans of RFID blocking. If you’re keen to protect your personal credit card data when you’re out and about, try men's trifold wallet with RFID blocking technology for extra security.

Men’s Wallet with Picture Holder

It’s not just payment cards and bills that you need to carry with you every day; a trifold wallet with picture holder can make all the difference to your home-to-work journey. At Alpine Swiss, you’ll find men’s wallets with windows, for everything you need in one place. Slip your ID into the picture holder, and access it whenever you need to show your travel pass or office ID card. You’ll also find handy thumb holes in the center of each window, so that you can easily remove your card when you need to. And who says that these pockets are just for ID? With our picture holder wallets, you can carry photos of your loved ones wherever you go.

trifold-wallets-2.10.03.jpgShop Online for Men's Trifold Wallet with Alpine Swiss

Have you had your wallet for a tad too long? Perhaps it's time you invested in something new. At Alpine Swiss, we believe that a trifold wallet is a staple in every man's accessories collection. But what is the best trifold wallet for you? We believe it’s one that is classy, functional, and presentable. It is also the choice between the men's bifold vs. trifold wallet.

Bifold vs. Trifold Wallet

Before we jump into, which is a better choice between the Bifold and trifold wallets, it is good to look at what they are separately and their differences.

Wallet Capacity & Arrangement

Bifold Wallet is made up of two sections and is one folded in half across the entire length of the wallet. It often features a long compartment for storing cash and another smaller compartment to carry credit/debit cards and ID cards which can be either vertically or horizontally arranged. This wallet, when compared to a trifold, can be seen to provide less space for content.
On the other hand, trifold wallets have three sections, thirds, across the entire length of the wallet. It provides more space to carry cash, credit/debit cards or even coins.

Wallet Style

Between a bifold or trifold wallet, the trifold wallet is by far the one that you can carry for a long time without having a desire to change. While a bifold wallet might be seen as trendy, trifold wallets have a classic design and are compact.
The choice about which wallet style to go for seems quite apparent from the above differentiation. However, the choice is highly dependent on the need for storage and style, although a trifold wallet appears to check all these boxes as an excellent choice for the modern gentleman.

Choose the Right Trifold Wallet for your Needs

Alpine Swiss men's trifold wallet comes in a variety of designs and colors to compliment all styles. From the classic trifold wallet design to one that comes with extra capacity and ID windows. We believe that the ideal wallet should come in a sensible size to hold your cash and cards without bloating it adequately. That said, let’s look into some of the common trifold wallet designs and colors that we have in store for you.

trifold-wallets-3.10.03.jpgTrifold Wallet Designs

One of the favorite designs of the mens trifold wallet is the classic slim profile with slots for cards on opposite ends and an ID window in the middle. You can also opt for one with an extra capacity, which is more spacious than the classic trifold wallet. There’s also the RFID trifold wallet, which incorporates modern security to protect your cards from identity theft. Each of the Alpine Swiss men's trifold wallet designs has been crafted with the modern man in mind and will provide you with seamless functionality.

Trifold Wallet Colors

At Alpine Swiss, we believe that color coordination is crucial to nailing any look. Therefore, our designs come in neutral colors that will complement various outfits in your wardrobe. A favorite among most men is the black trifold wallet that will coordinate with almost even apparel you own. Their classic style are perfect to be matched with both formal dress shoes. Not only is this wallet beautiful to look at, but it also oozes elegance and timeless style. There’s also the brown trifold wallet, which is a perfect choice for a gentleman who loves earth colors. Other neutral colors available in our catalog include grey, tan and navy blue, which are also great choices for you.

Men's Trifold Wallets with RFID blocking technology

trifold-wallets-4.10.03.jpgRFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology uses an electromagnetic field to track and identify tags containing electronically stored information.
RFID technology has several advantages while compared to traditional barcode technology. Some of these advantages include the ability to store more information, the ability to provide real-time information, and even the ability to be discreetly scanned from a distance. Some of the common cards that are Types of cards using RFID-chips:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • U.S. Passports
  • European Passports
  • Employee ID/University ID
  • Drivers License

Most Alpine Swiss trifold wallets feature RFID blocking technology. With our wallets. You are efficiently protected from most card information theft. As new industries adapt to this new technology, having an RFID blocking enabled wallet becomes a necessary accessory. RFID blocking wallets are encased with a material that interferes with radio waves blocking all magnetic fields preventing any communication between any RFID scanners and your credit cards. We all need peace of mind, and this trifold wallet gives you just that.

How to protect your leather wallet from damages

It is especially important to take care of your leather wallets. Just as we pay attention to our physical appearance or the clothes we wear, we need to remember to pay that same attention to our valuable accessories like our genuine leather wallets. Please don't wait until it's too late to start thinking about your leather wallet care. Here are a few tips to keep your genuine leather wallet in excellent condition.

trifold-wallets-5.10.03.jpgDon't Over-Stuff your wallet

One thing to consider when buying a wallet is its capacity and your storage needs. It is important to ensure that your wallet is not bulky or overstuffed as it stretches the leather wallet's affecting its appearance and condition.

Avoid direct sunlight

You want to keep your genuine leather wallet away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight has great potential of fading out your leather and could result in total damage to your wallet.

Waterproof your wallet

You can use a waterproof spray to protect your genuine leather wallet against water. This waterproofing spray treatment procedure can be done in moderation to ensure no effect on the lifespan of the wallet.

Use specialized leather wallet cleaners

Once you have selected men's trifold wallet from our diverse collection, you will also need to invest in leather wallet care by selecting appropriate leather cleaner and conditioner for your wallet. You want to make sure you understand the composition of the products that you use to clean your leather wallet as these vary between genuine and faux leather.
A specialized leather cleaner will work better than one that is generalized and will go a long way in your leather wallet care. Use a high-quality leather conditioner to keep your leather healthy by massaging it on your leather and gently rub it off with a dry clean cloth.
If you are looking for your next elegant wallet, then the Alpine Swiss men's trifold wallet will help resolve that. It combines style, capacity and trend all in one. With enough compartments to store all your valuables, you can never go wrong with our wallets.
Having a trifold wallet is an excellent addition to your wardrobe and will compliment your everyday style. Crafted from genuine leather, you are spoilt for choice between black and brown. The addition of RFID blocking technology that protects you from personal information theft as you carry on your daily activities sets the Alpine Swiss wallet apart as a high-end wallet for the modern gentleman.