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When it comes to casual shoes for men, you can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Men's casual sneakers are not only stylish, but they are also a comfortable and versatile casual shoe choice. As sneaker trends fluctuate to stay abreast of changing men's fashion, in what can only be termed as a sneakerhead revolution, here at Alpine Swiss, we are delighted to help you keep your pride with our collection of sneakers. Whether you are looking for casual shoes to your first date, a wedding, a basketball game, or a night out with the boys, Alpine Swiss, there is a classy sneaker for you.

Men's casual sneakers to wear with jeans

Sneakers with jeans: Choosing the right casual footwear to pair with your jeans can be a challenging task and sneakers are a great selection owing to their comfort and versatility. Jeans and sneakers have quickly become the holy grail for any man's casual wardrobe.
Boots with jeans: Ankle boots are comfortable, practical, stylish, and versatile. Pairing your ankle boots with a pair of jeans will quickly propel you to fashion glory.
Dress shoes with jeans: You can easily pull this look, but you must follow some simple rules. Wear the right type of jeans. There are all types of jeans out there, some dressier than others. To pull this look, stay with the dressier type of jeans. Go for a pair of jeans that fit well in the waist and hips. The length should also not drag or be too long. Boot cut jeans, for example, do not go with dress shoes. It would help if you also went for formal dress shoes that are more on the casual side. The derby or loafer dress shoes are a great choice of men's footwear to choose from for this look.

The Best Sneakers to Wear With a Suit for Special Occasions

casual-sneakers-1.10.03.jpgWhen it comes to wearing suits, a one style fits all does not cut it. Bodies, personalities, and preferences vary from person to person, and most often, this is reflected in the way they dress. Today, wearing men's casual sneakers with a suit for special occasions such as weddings and semi-formal events has become quite trendy. Here are some tips on how to wear classy sneakers with a suit for some special occasions:

Men's fashion sneakers for a wedding or engagement

If Brides are now rocking fancy sneakers down the aisle, why can't Grooms and their Groomsmen? Men can make a statement at a wedding or engagement by adding a touch of elegance with a classy pair of sneakers paired with their suits. For this look, you want to go for the low top sneaker to complement the suits.

Casual sneakers for semi-formal meetings

Fashion is making its way to semi-formal events. You can bring sophistication, style, and class to a semi-formal event by exploring classy sneakers to overhaul your semi-formal attire. Opt for a low top sneaker and never a high top to maintain finesse.

casual-sneakers-2.10.03.jpgSneakers for graduation

We are often taught to dress elegantly and classy for special occasions. Graduations are not an exception. Cool sneakers for men are an excellent choice for graduation. Most students have embraced fashion trends and are now breaking tradition on wearing dress shoes and suits to their graduation and opting for the likes of classy sneakers to the special events.

Sneakers for holiday parties

If you are looking to kick hard and loud at the next party, then cool men's casual sneakers are what you need. Sneakers are no longer the casual shoes for men to go to the gym or a walk; you can now wear them comfortably to your next party and shine. Pair them carefully with your party outfit, and you are bound to make heads turn.

Men's athletic shoes

Finding the right classy or cool sneakers for men can be overwhelming. It is quite essential to pay attention to quality and what men's casual sneakers are in style while also maintaining your cool in the perfect everyday wear. At Alpine Swiss, we have just the ideal variety in the market, combining both function and fashion, providing a choice for either running, walking, gym, or sport shoes.

casual-sneakers-3.10.03.jpgRunning Shoes

Running shoes are not all equal, and choosing the right running shoe and fit is essential. At Alpine, you can find mens fashion casual shoes  to help you dominate your runs, making your running routine enjoyable and comfortable.

Walking Shoes

If you walk a lot, finding the perfect walking shoe for you becomes essential. Running and walking casual sneakers are designed differently. At Alpine, we understand this and have crafted our men's fashion sneakers for walking to ensure we are supporting you in optimizing your health and achieving the necessary comfort levels when walking with the right footwear.

Tennis Shoes

Alpine Swiss tennis shoe collection ensures that you can find the right style and a fit that compliments your game. Regardless of where you are playing, well-crafted tennis shoes need to provide freedom and comfort without slipping. The Alpine Swiss collection of sports shoes contains just the right range of tennis shoes to choose from.

casual-sneakers-4.10.03.jpgSports Sneakers

Finding the right balance between form and function in sports can be challenging. It is essential to have the right shoe for your sporting activities. Choose from Alpine Swiss collection of athletic shoes.

Gym Shoes

Finding the right pair of gym shoes can be tricky. They need to feel comfortable, look good, so you want to slip them on for your trip to the gym. At Alpine Swiss, you can find a range of men's athletics shoes that will make your gym workouts comfortable and enjoyable.

How to choose the right size of men’s casual sneakers online

Whether you are looking for big size shoes or wide shoes for men, buying the right size of sneakers online may seem complicated, but we have some tips for doing it right, conveniently, and stress-free. By following some simple guidelines, you will succeed in choosing the right sneaker online in no time. Measure your foot size and follow the size guide to determine your size. Follow these simple steps to measure your shoe size and compare it to the provided shoe guide:

  • Prepare a piece of paper, a marker, a ruler and a tape measure
  • Take the piece of paper on a flat surface
  • Firmly place your foot on the piece of paper
  • Trace the outline of your foot on the piece of paper using the marker
  • Measure and write the length and width of your foot on the piece of paper
  • Using the width and the length recorded and use the provided men's shoe size guide to find your shoe size.

How to find the best sneaker materials online

The material used to make your sneakers will greatly influence your comfort as you go about your activities. When wearing fashion casual shoes, you need to go for sneakers made using flexible and breathable materials that will guarantee you all day comfort. Leather is a great choice since it conforms to your feet and is built to last. You can opt for synthetic or PU leather which is great for a modern look. Other common materials include mesh knit, suede and canvas which are flexible in design and give you a cool look.

casual-sneakers-5.10.03.jpgLeather shoes for men

Leather sneakers for men are ideal for formal occasions. Knowing how to take care of your leather casual sneakers is a great trick to keeping them longer. Learning what styles to go for and outfits to pair with your leather casual sneakers will help you look dapper.

Suede shoes for men

Suede shoes are trendy. When buying a suede shoe online, consider the style you are looking for. With the right style and combination, suede shoes are a great staple to any men's footwear collection.

Other Materials

At Alpine Swiss, we are always on the look for great materials to incorporate into the design of our men's casual sneakers. The upper part of casual sneakers is often made of foam materials for good breathability. Mesh knit is also a favorite material due to its solid construction and flexible nature. We are focused on selecting the best materials for our mens fashion sneakers and men’s sneakers to ensure your feet are happy and well protected.

At Alpine Swiss, we provide a wide range of sneaker, boots and men's casual sneakers selection to help you stay fashionable with men's footwear. Whether you are looking for men's casual sneakers to wear to your first date, a wedding, the upcoming basketball game, or a night out with the boys at Alpine Swiss, there is a classy or cool sneaker for you.