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Looking for a laptop case? Whether it’s for overnight travel or the daily commute, you’ll love our selection of computer bags at Alpine Swiss. From modern messenger bags for navigating the city to the classic leather briefcase for more traditional types, we’ve come up with plenty of ways to keep your computer safe and secure when you’re on the go. Equipped with padded sleeves to protect your laptop or tablet, our contemporary notebook cases are designed to accommodate the tech you need to carry with you every day, and to look great while doing it.

Comfortable Rolling Laptop Bag

Let’s face it: when you carry your computer around with you all day, it can start to feel pretty heavy after a while. The solution? Here at Alpine Swiss, we’ve designed a range of computer bags on wheels so that you can transport your tech in comfortPerfect for business travel, a backpack for a notebook bag makes it easy to live life as a digital nomad. We’ve thought carefully about how to make our rolling computer bags as comfortable as possible, so you can expect to find details including inline skate wheels for smooth navigation, as well as retractable handles to give you the option of using the carry handles instead. Designed to fit everything you need for an overnight stay, as well as fitting neatly into the overhead locker, a well designed rolling laptop bag is a wise investment.

Safe and Stylish Laptop Briefcases with High Protection

laptop-case-1.05.03.jpgWe don’t need to tell you how important it is to look after your laptop: The last thing you want is to damage an expensive notebook when you’re running between meetings, or traveling on a crowded train in the morning. That’s why we’ve developed a range of protective laptop cases at Alpine Swiss. Our selection will transport your notebook in style, while keeping it safe from bumps and scratches. What to look for? The best protective laptop briefcases feature padded sleeves to cushion your computer when you’re out and about, and you’ll find snug protective padding designed to accommodate laptops and tablets in a wide variety of sizes at Alpine Swiss. With options ranging from the traditional attach case to a sleek briefcase with a hard aluminium shell for even more protection, you’re bound to find peace of mind with our protective bags.


Wide Selection of Notebook Cases from Alpine Swiss

Whatever you’re looking for in a laptop bag, you’ll find a comprehensive range of notebook cases here at Alpine Swiss. We know that everyone has different requirements when it comes to computers and tablets — so why should the notebook bag you use to carry them be any different? We’ve taken care to design a selection to suit every lifestyle, from durable messenger bags with comfortable padded shoulder straps to leather notebook cases that will look the business in the boardroom. Legal eagles will love our lawyer’s attache case on wheels, while frequent travelers will appreciate our rolling overnight bags. Browse our wide range to find cases for your notebook that meet all your needs without compromising on style.

What to Consider Before Buying a Laptop Bag

A lot of effort goes into picking the best laptop to get your work done. At Alpine Swiss, we believe the same careful consideration should be applied when selecting a laptop backpack. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


Since you will be carrying a laptop case daily, you need a bag that is built to last. Zippers are also a crucial part of the bag, and they need to be high grade, durable zippers. At Alpine Swiss, we have built our laptop bags to last, and you will find them your professional companions for a long time.


One thing that will determine the durability and functionality of your laptop briefcase is the materials used to make it. To start with, the material used to make the outer cover should be water-resistant to ensure that your laptop and other items remain dry always. At Alpine Swiss, we use genuine leather to make our laptop backpacks and briefcases, giving them an elegant and timeless look. 


While it may seem obvious, it’s essential to get a laptop bag that will fit your laptop. You will find that most bags will fit a standard-sized laptop, but yours may be a bit bigger than usual. Therefore, it’s imperative to get a case where you won’t need to wriggle or squeeze the laptop into the bag every time you need to move around.


For some, a computer bag is an extension of their style. At Alpine Swiss, our notebook briefcases have been designed with the modern man in mind and will let you shine as a classy professional wherever you go. If you are always traveling for business, you can keep your laptop safe by investing in a computer rolling bag that’s both stylish and easy to maneuver with as you travel. Match it with your dress shoes or suit, match it with your casual'll look fascinating anyway.

Extra Storage

As you move with your laptop around, you will often need to carry other gadgets such as headphones, hard disks, and other work items. A laptop case that has several compartments allows you to carry all your things efficiently. The main compartment can hold the laptop while additional smaller pockets carry the other items. Such compartments also ensure that you remain organized and composed as you move around.

How to Take Care of your Laptop Case

Alpine Swiss believes that providing your laptop bag with tender loving care will help it remain in top-notch condition and provide you with a lengthy service. Each of the bags has gone through a rigorous crafting process whose climax is that timeless and stylish laptop briefcase. Our cases are made of genuine leather; you, therefore, need regular conditioning to prevent them from drying up, which may cause cracks. Remember to de-clutter the internal compartments periodically and remove any sharp objects that may scratch the laptop or damage the bag.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Briefcase

Laptop bags come in different styles and designs. Let’s look at some of the ways to pick the right bag for you.


We can’t overemphasize the importance of going for a quality laptop bag. From the stitching on the sides to the zipper closure system, you have to ensure that everything is top-notch. Opting for a cheap knock off laptop case may save you money in the short run, but you won’t have the comfort of knowing that your pricey laptop is well protected.


Go for a laptop case that projects your personal style. Whether your profession calls for a smart casual look or a classic well-cut suit, Alpine Swiss has the perfect laptop bag to compliment your style. You don’t have to compromise your personal style in the name of achieving a functional bag – the two aspects can be conveniently merged.


Since you will need to carry around the computer bag, you have to invest in a bag that’s comfortable on your back or hands. A bag with adjustable straps is excellent since you can customize it to fit your back. Extra padding is also a great feature that cushions your body and the laptop. Our laptop bags come in an ergonomic design created by experts to meet all your computer carrying needs.

Useful Tips from Us

We know how much men treasure their gadgets. Alpine Swiss has a few tips on how to ensure that you own the best laptop briefcase. They include;

  • Depending on your style, you can go for a backpack or one with a padded shoulder strap.
  • Ensure the inside has compartments that provide you with better organization and extra storage.
  • A water-resistant lining on the outer cover will keep your laptop dry at all times.
  • The zipper closure system should be top-notch to keep all your items safe.
  • Quality over price, always. 

All in all, practicality and style can go hand in hand when it comes to choosing laptop bags. At Alpine Swiss, we have combined the two to bring you timeless elegance and unrivaled functionality when it comes to cases. Whether you fly frequently or commute daily, we have a notebook case that will keep your precious gadget secure. Our laptop briefcases are built to last while providing you with security and convenience. You can never go wrong with a case from Alpine Swiss.