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Train commuter or frequent flier, wherever you travel for work, make a smart impression with a men’s briefcase from Alpine Swiss. From the classic dressy business briefcase to a contemporary aluminium attache case or a more casual messenger bag, we’ve got all the latest ways to carry your papers and laptop in style. Our selection includes practical wheeled briefcases for navigating the airport, as well as roomy leather laptop bags and portfolios for the daily train journey. However you choose to get there, our men’s briefcases at Alpine Swiss will make sure you look the business when you arrive.

What To Look For A Briefcase?

At Alpine Swiss, our briefcases and messenger bags are packed with clever features to keep your essentials safe and organized. If you travel frequently, consider a rolling briefcase bag, which easily meets FAA regulations for carry on size but comes with wheels to make any journey easier. Alternatively, if you travel more locally, you’ll appreciate the longer straps on our messenger bags so that you can wear them cross body or over the shoulder to keep your hands free. Of course, you’ll want to keep your business belongings safe and secure on your way to work or a meeting. If you carry your laptop with you wherever you go, look for a briefcase with a padded laptop or notebook sleeve to protect it. You can also keep confidential papers safely under lock and key with the bag equipped with a combination lock.

Find the Best Briefcase for Men To Elevate Your Look

briefcase-1.05.03.jpgThe best briefcases for men don’t just organize your work papers efficiently; at Alpine Swiss we design our portfolio bags to look good too. For a dressy choice that will team perfectly with a tailored suit, you can’t beat a slim leather briefcase. Whether you prefer a grained or smooth texture, a genuine leather messenger bag or portfolio has a classic appeal that will give any outfit a confident touch. Meanwhile, a sleek aluminium attache case is polished and contemporary, making it one of the best briefcases for men if you’re looking to update your business attire or just need some addition to your classic dress shoes or suit. When it’s important to look the part, try a slim brief case to make a streamlined impression. With interior pockets and dividers for organization, a slim men’s bag or attache case from Alpine Swiss will look stylish and elegant, as well as having room for all your business essentials. Depending on your lifestyle, you need to select the right briefcase or bag to meet your needs. Let’s look at the various bags and briefcases for men that will match up to your active lifestyle;


Designed to provide you with a simple, clean, and minimalist look, a padfolio leather briefcase features few features where on one side, there’s a slot to hold a notebook or tablet, and the other hand has clips to hold your pen. The exterior is usually made of leather. Padfolios are great for salespeople who are always on the move and need to present clients with handwritten explanations of their products. A padfolio is also great for carrying brochures, catalogs, and business cards.


A portfolio has similar features to a padfolio, but it comes with handles that make it resemble a classic men’s briefcase. A Portfolio briefcase for men is small in size and often has a zipper to lock in essential documents and can even hold a laptop. Portfolios are great for artists who need to carry tools such as pencils and brushes in a secure and organized manner.

Messenger Bags

briefcase-2.05.03.jpgIf you are a modern man who loves fashion and looking good even when wearing a suit, then a messenger bag is a perfect accessory to carry your items around. Also known as courier bags, messenger bags have a strap that hangs it from the shoulder, over your chest, and lets the bag rest on your lower back. Messenger bags are ideal for a man who wants to look cool and stylish but in a formal way. These satchel bags are way more presentable than carrying a backpack around.


Coined from French for administrative staff, an attache is a slim briefcase that’s used to carry documents and other important papers. It has two symmetrical compartments and may feature a strap for easy portability. It can be made of leather or have a metallic exterior. It’s great for a man who’s always in meetings and needs a small briefcase to carry documents around.

Travel/Rolling Briefcase

Designed for business trips, the travel briefcase usually has castor wheels that help you maneuver around airports as you transverse the globe closing business deals. The inside is spacious and compartmentalized to hold your laptop, a change of clothes, slots for passports and other travel documents. It’s designed with the modern traveling man in mind and comes in a compact but the light size for smooth movement. Alpine Swiss has the best travel briefcases that will make each trip you take memorable and productive.

Evaluation of Briefcases for Men

Before you settle on the ideal briefcase to meet your needs, it’s essential to evaluate various factors. Depending on your work, style, and movement, Alpine Swiss has a variety of briefcases for men that will compliment you.briefcase-3.05.03.jpg From the material used to make the men's briefcase to its capacity, a careful evaluation is necessary. If you want a leather briefcase, then you have to ensure that the material used is genuine. For a classic look, you can go for a hard briefcase for men.

Why Briefcases Can Be Essential for Businessman

Looking professional and being highly organized are two things that can help you close any business deal. Investing in a briefcase, say a nylon briefcase or canvas briefcase for men, can make all the difference in your business. With a briefcase, you will conveniently carry relevant documents, business cards, your laptop, pens, and even checkbook as you move from one business trip to the next.

Why Pockets and Organization is Important

Isn’t it annoying rummaging through your bag looking for a certain item? Keys especially! Being organized not only saves you time but also ensures that essential items such as documents are secure and protected from loss or damage. Pockets can be placed inside or outside the briefcase and help to hold items conveniently. Compartmentalization in a briefcase helps create order and a system that keeps everything organized and flowing. Ensure that you empty any junk from the pockets and slots to prevent your briefcase from being a dump.

What’s the Best Material for Your Travel Briefcase


One of the biggest strengths of vinyl is that it’s waterproof, which will ensure that the contents of your travel briefcase remain dry. Vinyl is also highly resistant to scratching and fire, which will provide you with extended service. However, the material is easily damaged when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period.


briefcase-4.05.03.jpgHaving a wheeled travel briefcase made of polyester is great since the material is light, which makes it easy to maneuver around the airport or train station. However, polyester isn’t breathable, which may make your content stuffy.


A nylon travel briefcase is durable and resistant to wear and tear, which will provide you with a lengthy service. A disadvantage of this material is it easily deforms in hot temperatures, thus may not be ideal for a man living in very sunny areas.

Genuine Leather

Having a a genuine leather briefcase not only looks good because of its beautiful grains but also provides you with excellent durability. On the other hand, genuine leather requires constant care and maintenance to prevent it from cracking or wrinkling.

How to take care of your Briefcase

  • Condition it regularly especially if it’s made of leather - At Alpine Swiss we believe that investing in an all-natural leather conditioner will help prevent your leather briefcase from drying which may lead to cracking.
  • Air-dry it in case it gets wet - Don’t be tempted to use a hair dryer in case your briefcase gets rained on or accidentally becomes wet. Leave it out in the open air for it to dry naturally.
  •  Store it well in a dry place - For longevity, store your leather briefcase away from direct sunlight or excess humidity.

Useful Tips to Know

As you explore the various options of bags and briefcases for men that Alpine Swiss has to offer, here are a few tips to guide your decision.

  • Ensure that the briefcase has adequate capacity for all your stuff
  • Go for quality materials that will provide you with extended service
  • Gently condition your leather briefcase regularly.

briefcase-5.05.03.jpgAs a man, one of the best ways to project professionalism to clients is by carrying a business or travel briefcase. At Alpine Swiss, we believe that staying organized as you travel around for work is key to achieving excellent results and remaining productive. Our vast line of men’s briefcases has been carefully crafted to provide you with an elegant look while conveniently carrying your documents and work items.
Whether you are a lawyer who’s always carrying numerous briefs for your court cases or a modern businessman who’s always moving from one airport to the next, we have a men’s canvas leather briefcase for you. Briefcases for men have evolved to suit the active lifestyle of the modern man. Our briefcases boast of practical features such as spacious compartments and combination locks for added security. We also have a wide range of wallets that will be a good addition to your briefcase.