Shop for Men's Leather Wallets with Alpine Swiss

Looking for the best wallets for men? If you need somewhere dapper to stash your cash (not to mention your credit cards, ID and business card collection), take a look at our extensive collection of modern men’s wallets and money clips at Alpine Swiss. You’ll find our take on the classic black wallet, as well as ingenious wallets and card holders with coin purses or handy ID windows designed to make your life easier. In a variety of colors, our genuine leather wallets fit the bill whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking a gift for someone else.

Men's Wallets That Go With Everything

When it comes to trend-led wallets for men, Alpine Swiss has you covered. Sleek and stylish, designed to work with everything in your wardrobe, whether that’s a tailored suit for a business meeting or your favorite pair of jeans. Discover men's leather wallets collection in a selection of versatile colors, from classic black and antique brown to modern gray for an urban feel, and bright blue for a splash of color. Work or play, whatever you’re up to, our premium leather wallets and card holders are as good looking as they are spacious.

Find The Best Wallets For Men

Every well dressed man needs a genuine leather wallet to complete the picture. If you’re looking for the best, our slimline styles in buttery soft leather are a great place to start. A joy to touch on the outside, Alpine Swiss packed them with clever features on the inside too. You’ll find men's wallets with flip-out ID pockets to help your day go smoothly, as well as over sized to fit international currencies, and super slim wallets for those days when you just want to carry the bare minimum. Whatever you demand, discover quality that doesn’t compromise on style.

Top Styles



Looking for some guidance on which style to choose? Folding neatly in half, a classic leather bifold wallet has a long pocket for your cash, and separate slots for cards; for something a little roomier, a trifold wallet folds into three sections instead. If you travel light, try a money clip: Instead of a slip pocket, this features a spring money clip to secure your folded bills to the front of a cardholder. A minimalist front pocket is slim enough to slip into any pocket; while an RFID blocking wallet will keep your credit cards and data protected when you’re on the go.


How to Choose Men's Leather Wallets

men-27.02.jpgSimilar to having a masterly crafted watch, investing in quality men's wallets is one thing that you will never live to regret. Let’s face it – a wallet is one accessory that carries some of your prized possessions. From holding your identity cards to stashing some cash in it, a good men's wallet is a must-have. For this reason, picking the best one for your needs goes beyond what look cool and fancy to settling for good functionality and workable design. At Alpine Swiss, we have crafted a wide range of men's wallets to meet the diverse needs of any man out there.
Here are a few reasons why you need to pick a good wallet expertly:

  • Keeps cards secure
  • Brings out one’s style
  • Protects cards from defacing and scratching

Let’s explore factors to keep in mind as you select a men's wallet:


Whether you fancy a minimalist super thin or a thicker RFID wallet, size is a vital consideration during your purchase. If you are one of those sophisticated men who don’t want a wallet bulging out of your slim-fitting suit, then a minimalist wallet is a great choice. The slim bifold and trifold wallets are a perfect match for the modern man whose life revolves around his cards.


Depending on the number of cards and money you need to move around with, the number of slots in a wallet is a necessary consideration. Some like the trifold wallet have extra capacity with ten slots inside for added space.


Leather is a favorite material for making mens wallets due to its elegance and tough exterior that can withstand daily handling. Ensure that the material used is genuine and durable. We at Alpine Swiss go the extra mile to ensure that we source for quality materials produced in a humane process.

Types of Men's Wallets for Every Occasion

all-wallets-27.02.jpgCould you be one of those men that use the same wallet for every occasion? Well, you are not alone. Most men buy one quality wallet and carry it everywhere, regardless of the activity involved. However, there exist different types of wallets to fit different occasions. Let’s sample some common types of them: 

Sports Wallet 

Designed for an active lifestyle, these wallets have water resistance features to prevent your cards and cash from getting drenched. They are also super light to prevent it from weighing you down. The Alpine Swiss minimalist card holder is a great choice for a sporty lifestyle since its light with few compartments making it less bulky.

Travel Wallet

3-wallets-27.02.jpgIf you are always in and out of airports traveling different cities for business meetings, you will need to invest in a quality travel wallet to ensure all your cards are safe as you move around. The best travel wallet should have a zipper to lock everything in and sizeable enough for all the items you will need as you travel.

Outdoor Wallet

At Alpine Swiss, we have in stock mens wallets for camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities. If you love the outdoors, then a wallet with a tough yet stylish exterior is a great choice.

Wallet as a Gift

Are you looking for a perfect gift for Father’s Day or to gift your husband on his birthday? Then a classy signature mens wallet is the way to go. With so many marvelous styles available at Alpine Swiss, you won’t miss one that will meet your man’s taste and preference.

How to Care for Your Wallet 

At Alpine Swiss, we know how much you treasure your wallet – you can’t leave the house without it, right? Therefore, we are keen on ensuring that it stays in good condition and serves you for a long time. While we have used the best materials to make all mens wallets, you also have to make an effort to ensure that your favorite accessory stays in top shape – it might last long enough to hand down to one of your children!
Here’s how to ensure that your wallet ages gracefully and serves you for a lengthy period of time.

Don't Overstuff Them

leather wallet for men

We know that over time, cards pile up and you need to fit more bills into your wallet. However, constantly overstuffing them puts irreparable damage on them, and you may end up going back to the shop sooner than you thought. Hard as it may be, try and limit yourself to carrying the necessary cards and enough cash to get by. Doing so helps prevent stretching out leather wallets which may spoil the leather grain.

Please top stuffing your leather wallet with coupons, shopping receipts and other unnecessary items. Make it a bi-weekly habit of clearing out your wallet and restocking with only what you need.

Don’t Sit on It

Often, men's wallet is usually tucked into the back pocket and more often than not, you will find yourself sitting on it. Doing so is not only bad for your health but it may damage your prized possession. Let’s say, you spend a few hours a day in front of your computer. Sitting on your wallet as you work will put a strain on it which over time will result in massive damage.

Use the Right Products

Genuine leather requires special care where you need to keep it away from moisture and dirt. If the wallet gets dirty (which is only natural), clean the leather using a damp cloth and use a leather conditioner to remove any stains without damaging the dye.

Drying Leather Wallet

Accidents happen – your wallet may get drenched in the rain or water spills on it. Don't panic! You only need to wipe it with a dry cloth and let it dry at room temperature. Don’t be tempted to use a dryer since this may create wrinkles.

Moisturizing Leather Wallet

Just like your skin, leather wallets may appear cracked at times. Once you spot such cracks, it’s usually a sign of dryness which calls for some moisturizing. Alpine Swiss recommends using an all-natural leather cream that will keep the leather wallets looking fresh.

Wallets are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. At Alpine Swiss, we are bent on bringing nothing but the best wallet for men that will bring out your excellent style while keeping all your precious items safe. You can never go wrong with an Alpine Swiss signature piece!