Men's Shoes

Shop for The Most Comfortable Men's Shoes with Alpine Swiss

Men's shoes from Alpine Swiss are made only from high quality materials and come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These high-quality men's shoes make shopping online simple, as you won't have to worry about whether or not you're buying stylish shoes that will last. Each pair of shoes runs true to size and the wide-variety of options means you can dress them up or down depending on your needs. These comfortable shoes for men come in timeless styles, meaning you can trust that they will last for a long time and never go out of style.

Casual Men's Shoes That Go With Everything

You could waste your time buying a diverse selection of low-quality products to match specific styles and tastes, but those won’t last. Investing in men's comfortable shoes that are only made of high-quality materials and come in classic styles will assure that they'll last as long as you need them to. Alpine Swiss offers some of the best men's shoes, in great styles and colors that can be dressed up or down to meet your needs no matter the occasion. Each high-quality pair of men's shoes runs true to size and is offered in a variety of colors.

Men's Suede Shoes for Every Occasion


When it comes to shoes, you should have a choice for different occasions in your wardrobe. You never want to be caught off guard. Suede shoes are a great type of shoe to have in your closet. While suede is delicate, vulnerable without proper care, it is a timeless essential that will leave you feeling stylish and sexy.

If you are looking for shoes for a wedding, for work or for a night out, at Alpine Swiss we have you covered. You can choose from our suede oxfords, suede sneakers, or suede Chelsea boots. Our suede shoes are not only stylish but carefully crafted to meet our users' style, easy to care for, and durable.

For Weddings

Weddings have a different level of style associated with them, and you should aim to look the part. For most weddings, formal or semi-formal attire are recommended. To complete your outfit go for suede oxfords, derby oxfords, slip on boots, suede dress ankle boots from the Alpine Swiss collection that are great men's shoes for weddings.

For Workshoes-2.06.03.jpg

As workplaces have evolved, we see a lot of people moving away from suits and embracing more business casual outfits. Whether you are looking for a formal suede shoe or a casual suede shoe to match your outfit, at Alpine Swiss we have you covered.

For a Night Out

Night outs should be fun, and dressing up should be part of the fun. At Alpine Swiss, you will find a vast collection of men's shoes for a night out perfect for the night out with your boys or just a date with your girl. You can choose from our selection of suede ankle boots or suede sneakers, which you can pair with a good pair of jeans and wallets.

For Business Meetings

At a business meeting, you want to put your best foot forward and look comfortable in what you outfit, including your shoes. It is often said that first impressions matter, and your shoes are often seen first. We recommend finding a great pair from our suede dress men's shoes collection here at Alpine Swiss for the perfect fit.

Choose The Right Shoes for Men Online

Shopping for men's shoes online can be hard when you’re not there to try the shoe on to see how it fits or whether it looks good on your feet or not. Shopping online for men's comfortable shoes doesn’t have to be hard, though. When the shoes are made of high-quality materials and are guaranteed to run true to size you can rest easy knowing that all you have to do is find a pair you like. With varied styles you can find anything to suit your needs as well to wear with shorts or to dress up.

How to Choose The Right Shoe Size

shoes-3.06.03.jpgBuying men's shoes online can be challenging. However, as technology advances and the world increasingly becomes interconnected, shopping for leather shoes online becomes fun, and you can access the type of men's shoes you desire from the comfort of your home from any corner of the globe. Before choosing men's shoes, we recommend that you:

  • Take your measurements from home.
  • Review the size guide provided by the online store. At Alpine Swiss, we provide a shoe size guide to ensure our customers know what they are buying.
  • If you are unsure, always reach out to the customer care team to better understand sizes so that you are getting the proper fit for your comfort.

How to Find The Right Footwear Material

There is a wide selection of men's shoes to buy online from leather shoes, suede shoes to sneakers. All shoes come in different materials, and you should ensure you understand what materials have been used and what you are looking for, taking into consideration where you intend to wear the shoes. Similarly, if you need further clarity on materials used, the customer care teams are available to support.

Types of Shoes for Men at Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss offers a wide variety to suit different needs. Each pair of men's shoes is made only from high-quality materials no matter the style - whether it be a pair of thong flip flops or the nicest pair of dress shoes offered. There are also many selections to choose from based on style. Alpine Swiss carries quite a few options, styles, and colors for different types of men’s shoes. There are dress shoes, winter boots, casual sneakers and trainers or even summer sandals, all for an affordable price.

shoes-4.06.03.jpgAthletic Shoes

There are different types of athletic shoes. When choosing athletic shoes, it is good to consider the kind of sport to ensure safety and comfort. Having the right athletic shoe might also lift your game.

Running Shoes

A run calls for a shoe with extra cushioning aimed at absorbing shock resulting from feet pounding with the ground. Running shoes for men are designed to offer safety to the front of your foot and heel.

Walking Shoes

These shoes are designed for walks offering extra shock absorption to your foot. You will find that walking shoes are rigid in the front allowing your toes to roll off more compared to running shoes.

shoes-5.06.03.jpgClimbing Shoes

Climbing shoes have been designed to give a better and firm grip on the ground to avoid falls when climbing.

Dress Shoes

These are polished leather shoes for men that are often worn to more formal events or semi-formal events. The dress shoe is a shoe that should be in every man's closet.

Occasion Shoes

Each occasion has a shoe associated with it. There are the classics like the oxfords, the casuals like the casual sneakers, and they should all be worn appropriately to suit the occasions from weddings to business meetings.

Elements that Create Men's Comfortable Shoes

When investing in a pair of leather shoes for men, it is essential not to compromise on comfort. Comfort is what will make or break your experience with a shoe. At Alpine Swiss, we take pride in using quality material, focusing on durability but, most importantly, the comfort of our shoes. Different elements create men's comfortable shoes.

Comfortable Uppers

The upper part of the shoe should be made of soft material as it will come into contact with your shoes and sometimes your skin if it is shoes that are to be worn without socks.

shoes-6.06.03.jpgComfortable Insole

Your foot will rest on the insole. It is essential that this material is soft and accommodates your feet.

Stiff Sole

A shoe with a stiff sole will prevent excessive loading through the midfoot or forefoot.

Appropriate Toe Box

The front of men's shoes should have enough space to avoid friction with your toes.

Achilles Notch

The V-shaped or U-shaped indent on the collar of shoes to lessen the pressure on the Achilles Tendon.

Good Cushioning

Good Cushioning will provide you with safety and reduce fatigue. Cushioning may vary depending on the activity as some activities e.g., sporting shoes, will require more cushioning for extra protection

It's often said that when it comes to first impressions with men, men's shoes count. Finding a good pair men's comfortable shoes, take care of them, choosing what style to wear based on occasion and comfort in men's shoes are essential and should be every man's must know. At Alpine Swiss, we have timeless shoes that you can rely on for any occasion, for quality, durability, and comfort.